How to use Event Viewer to check cause of Blue screen of Death (BSOD)

Fix BSOD issue by knowing what is causing it. Check out how to use Event Viewer in Windows to pin point and resolve Blue Screen (BSOD) issues in Windows.

How to use Event Viewer?

Since it continuously captures logs for all system events, you can create a custom view to find out what Critical/Error events occurred when BSOD appeared. (Yes! keep a note of time when BSOD occurs)

Step 1:

Press Windows + X key to open Quick launch menu and select Event Viewer


Simply type in “Event Viewer” in Start search box and hit Enter key to open

Step 2:

Once in Event Viewer window click on Open the “System” logs under “Windows Logs” from left menu.

Now on right side navigation, click on “Create Custom View…”

Step 3:

In the Create Custom View window, select “Custom range…” from the drop down menu under Logged and pick the custom date and time interval BSOD occurred and click OK

Step 4:

Still in Create Custom View window, Check Critical, Warning and Error box and pick System under Event Level as shown below and click OK

Now name the view to whatever name you want and click OK

Step 5:

It will now list all the Critical, Warning and Error events occurred during the time interval your picked.

Look at error events around the time of the BSoD. To further examine an event log, double-click on it and click the “Details” tab.

If you don’t understand the event description, you can always google the Event ID and get more information.